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28 November 2007

Life Plans

Dave Carrol's Facebook profile

My facebook status this morning said: Dave Carrol is musing that life is ALWAYS up and down. Why are we always caught by surprise by it?
I then had a great MSN discussion with a friend of mine about this idea.

J says: that is an amazing thought
Dave at Work says:
ha... yeah I'm always shocked at how rattled we all get

J says: thats what makes it exciting...if life was predictable...I'd be bored

Dave at Work says:
But we always all react with emotion you know... and you have to... and it's good... but i often wonder just how and why we so lost in emotion of a moment

J says: cuz its emotion that makes us human...i think anyway

Dave at Work says:
and how quickly people bail on important things because of how something feels at a particular moment. I think emotions and feelings can lie to you. They fluctuate because of circumstance

J says: its because so few people have a plan.

Dave at Work says:
circumstance is fluid... you should find truth and make it a constant.

J says: thats deep. Too few people have a life plan...so therefore they can't put circumstances in context

Dave at Work says:
I'm honestly not that big on life plans per say. I think that sometimes when people put a "plan" in place they attempt to dictate the "variables". It deals in the tangible. I think that things like values, principles, and truths should be the plan. Don't sway from them... walk on in life in that direction and the circumstances play out how they may

Dave at Work says:
see to me an example is comedy for me. I really wanted to do it for a while. I knew I could do it and do it well. But I never felt any kind of peace about basing "the doings" of life on it. I felt God telling me that "it's a tool that I've given you to communicate important things." and that's how I've seen it play out in my life. It's not about the silly variables... it's about the solids.

Dave at Work says:
I've still got to do what was in me... but if I'd struck out on a plan of ... how do I get from here to there... i wouldn't have been in a place where I've got to use it for some more than I could have thought before

Dave at Work says:
I was just thinking about this because of a dude I know who seems to have... as Paul Simon wrote once... "fled from himself in the struggle from here to get there"

J says: when are you writing your first book???

Dave at Work says:
Ha... soon hopefully. It just looks like he's bailed on his principles... taking the easy wussy way out instead of being a man of integrity and learning how to change circumstance without throwing out solids

Dave at Work says:
just pisses me off

I don't know really. It's is tough thing to throw at someone. Because frankly, we're all Captain Plankeye in SO MANY ways. But life is always up and down. The idea of the season, is prominent in the Bible... so why are we so impacted by the winter when we KNOW the spring is always on the way.

I've never missed a spring.

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