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10 December 2007

Every baby is different...

...like this one for example... she's different in the manner that she likes to wake up at 4:30... scream for an hour... then get us up at 5:30am. That's different.

She's different in the manner that she MUST be held by either her mother or father (suckers... oh wait) at all times.

She's different in the manner that seems to get a legitimate thrill from sticking her hands in my mouth, scratching up my gums. That's pretty different.

She's different in the manner that she won't allow us to drive for more than one hour at a time.

But oh man... look at those blue eyes.
When she giggles it's all worth it somehow.

Kids help us remember that life is not about ME.
They're just more "vocal" about it than most are.


Andrea said...

one precious girl...regardless of her mannerisms :-)

Matt Vaandering said...

she's the worlds cutest baby. she should do huggies commercials

lyn's lyrics & lifenotes said...

What a sweetie! Just think...when she's a teenager you get to be exhausted all over again...waiting up for her to come home from an event with hormonal guys around her. You may even long to go back to these precious wakeful baby moments...well maybe for 20 seconds or so!

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