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4 December 2007

Family Devotions and Dead Vans

A couple of years I wrote a article about our family tradition of the anniversary Pineapple.

One year on our anniversary, we didn't much money for gifts or dates, but seeing our kids digging into something that was special to us was a gift that was better than money.

Last night, my kids did it again.

We've begun to do family devotions. We worship, read from a kids Bible, and pray together. My wife and I watched our kids sing all the words to Paul Baloche's "Hosanna"... including my son LITERALLY preaching, teaching and encouraging the family to close our eyes and lift our hands. He led worship more legitimately than many services I've been in.

I read them the story of Palm Sunday... all about how the people shouted, "Hosanna... blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord". They asked questions. They said, "Really??? That's so crazy!" in an awesome kiddy way. Then we asked the kids what they what we could thank God about. Jared said, "a thankful heart". Aislin said, "mommy and daddy". We through in houses and cars. The whole family prayed through the list and then the kids cheered!

They fired up the CD player and grabbed their mics and guitars and worshiped again. This time Jared thanked God for all these things as they led a Holy Ghost living room session.

Psalm 128

A song of ascents.
1 Blessed are all who fear the LORD,
who walk in his ways.

2 You will eat the fruit of your labor;
blessings and prosperity will be yours.

3 Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
within your house;
your sons will be like olive shoots
around your table.

It was truly something to behold. NOW the interesting part refers back to something I was thinking about last week. Reacting to the up and downs of life. My transmission had a sudden massive heart attack on Friday and we're now stuck with a huge bill... or no van... in the Christmas season. None of these options sound good to Dave.

The interesting thing is that 2 months down the road... something will have happened and God will have provided for my every need like He always does. It's a simple do-able thing for a God who owns "the stuff". But something like what God's doing in my kids is FAR MORE of a blessing than anything tangible (or drivable).

So how do I react is the question... since know that these financial MOUNTAINS nearly paralyze me. I'm realizing knowing my weaknesses... is different from OVERCOMING them. I have to believe that stuff that I need...is just stuff... and that I need to "cast my cares on Him". The evidence of His faithfulness sang in my living room last night.

Pressure and stress are illusions... and when we take them on ourselves... they're HEAVY HEAVY things that stop us from seeing the world with clarity.


Matt Vaandering said...

that is an incredible post. you have an amazing family

saralee said...

Your Kids Rock!!!
I Always Feel Encouraged By Children, But Never The Way Jared Encourages Me.. Every Time I Hear Him Worshiping/Preaching I Feel All Warm And Tingly Inside..
Too Bad We All Don't Fully Rely On God The Way Our Children Do, Without A Care In The World Because They Know They Can Trust In HIM..
So Awesome..
Jared You Encourage Me Everyday..

Dave Carrol said...

I'll let Jared know...

It's really quite something. We kinda sat back and watched and just looked at each other and thought... "we didn't DO anything to make THIS happen" ya know?

Like we we're telling him or even encouraging him to do ANY of what he does... they just do it.

So funny this kid thing... they're their own little humans!

The Bean Bag Chair said...

What an amazing gift of God family is...makes van engines seem insignificant (although very much a REAL part of life!!!) Don't forget Hezekiah and the overflowing storehouses...keep pursuing and seeking God with your whole heart...He'll worry about the details!

Carl said...

Thanks for sharing this. We have the best worship times when our 4 year old daughter leads worship and my seven year old son preaches.

Thanks for reminding me.

Dave Carrol said...

Yeah you just can't beat it. Something that is so pure about it.

Patti Blount said...

Hi all-Sorry about this invite, but since some of you don't post your email on your blog, I couldn't do it that way. So, grace, grace, on me-o.k.? I want to invite you to my blog for your comments. I ask the Lord a question asking Him to share His heart and mind, and then we seek Him privately and post how He communicates to Him and what He says to our spirits, and post in on the blog. We do this for 2 weeks. We are currently asking Him about "eating and drinking of Him," for insight into this. We have one more week of this. Please come and share. The whole Body is important.

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