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7 December 2007

My little sister Karen... I mean Jen.

There are often times where people can get on my nerves. Not SPECIFIC people... humans on the whole. But there are a few people on this planet that are exempt from this category. My sister Jen is one of these people.

She's nurse in a hospital to very premature babies. It's a very difficult job. She sees situations (and makes quick decisions about them) every day that would be paralyzing for many of us even think about. And she does it with grace, compassion and a quick sharp wit.

This year, Jen intentionally moved home our city (even though now she has to drive a good distance to work). One of the reasons was so that she could be a part of our family life. She's a generous, loving and committed aunt to my kids. They love it when Aunty Jen is coming over! She's actively involved with a terrific church plant in Brantford called Generations.

This winter/spring, my little sister is headed to West Africa on "Mercy Ships" to do some intensive medical mission work in Liberia and then may head to Med School. Jen is astoundingly beautiful and is a bright star who lives to honor God and others. It's said about many... but the world needs more people like my sister.

She's so legit.

I love bragging on my siblings. Sometimes I joke that they are collecting credible job titles! Doctor, Nurse, Reverend, Officer...

I know that Jen's really "My Little Sister" because of the "Your My Big Brother" way she looks at me and talks to me. It's often in the form of laughter.
We laugh a lot. We mock things a lot. We agree on lots and disagree on some.

I used to called her "Karen" after Gaby Hoffman's character in Field of Dreams. It used to drive my little sister monkey nuts.

While I was partly joking (as I have the tendency to do), I did it because of the way Ray Kinsella looked at his young daughter. Lovingly. Like she was the apple of his eye. With the same unwavering warmth that I felt when I saw my "little sister Jenny".

Last night after talking with my little sister late into the evening, Krissy turned to me in a half sleep and told me, "That's how I knew you'd treat our daughters like Princess's... because of the way you treat your sister."

What a wonderful statement.
I'm immensely proud of who she is.
I'm honored to be a big brother to her and her destiny.

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