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18 January 2008

Are opinions really like armpits??

You know the saying...

"Opinions are like armpits.
We all have them and most of them stink."

I used to trumpet this pretty loud. And and I do think that for the most part it's true. But Christians need to take their brains out for a few more 130kmh rips down the 403, instead of just putt putting to church on Sunday mornings. Open up that engine Billy!

This a is a snippet of a Facebook chat I had with a friend the other day

I also think that Christians far too often are used to being spoon fed what they think... they so rarely look beyond their first emotion or visceral thought.

Anything that's "deeper level"or a piece of conceptual art or a pointed word are never "played though" for a deeper understanding.

My opinion is worthless in comparison to truth. But the reason that I HOLD an opinion in the first place is because I believe that it's true! Ha. But the reason that many of our opinions stink, is that we rarely DIG DEEP.

We rarely struggle for deeper truth.
We rarely push deeper in worship.
We rarely think beyond our first visceral reaction.

vis·cer·al Listen to the pronunciation of visceral
\ˈvi-sə-rəl, ˈvis-rəl\
1. not intellectual : instinctive unreasoning <visceral drives>
2.: dealing with crude or elemental emotions : earthy visceral novel>

Willow Creek Church had a WEE bit of backlash when they released their in-depth look at whether or not their ministry was being effective. They found that, even though MANY Christians were coming to the Lord... they would only get to a certain level because they weren't being trained to dig deeper by themselves.

And AMAZING for Willow Creek for not only finding that out... but RELEASING it to the world (who promptly bashed them mercilessly for it). Bizarre. This isn't a competition to see who's right. This is Jesus "The Christ" here!

Here's the catch in the equation.
What is true DOES trump what we think it true.
It's why we should be careful not to make the"Grey areas" and the "hows" of our faith walk
soap-box fodder. It's good to think and form opinions, because it causes us to seek God for "wisdom and revelation".

That wonderful "light bulb"moment where things "just make sense". This doesn't seem to happen (at least for me) while smiling politely and just listening to other tell of THEIR OWN light bulb moments.

BUT ...

We've got to hold on to them VERY lightly because we're dumb people who are very fallible.

This faith is MY faith. I want truth to be so deeply entrenched inside me, that when ANY situation arises, I'm not impacted viscerally.

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