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16 January 2008

Church Chat

Friend of mine emailed me about my poem from the other day "Come to the back door and Knock". Wanted to share as it was a great discussion...

" Please tell me that u r not actually saying that you judge whether other Christians are worthy enough to take part in the 24/7 prayer week? Some of us r more vocal about our passion for him/experiences, ,while others Less vocal (for whatever reason) are equally pleasing to him & serve him passionately without shouting it from the hilltops...

...we're all his people; anyone showing up to offer an hour or more of pure time with/for him surely are welcomed with adoring open arms from a loving God...so why do we his people -as a whole- not do that for each other? I believe THAT is what would bring him glory...uncompared, unjudged, truly active unity(hmmm).... "

My answer...

I love discussion about these things! You're correct. In fact it's partly (mostly really) why I like writing. No of course I'm not saying that people aren't worthy to take part. I fact I LOVE the fact that so many people do things differently.

I think that I wrote that mostly as exposing what the dark parts of our flesh can be. The ironic part is that THIS is not what was even in my mind as I started writing... but it's where God led me to write out. I actually began writing about the opposite where each knock is exciting because it's a new unique voice added to the mix.

I actually think that it's a very healthy and wonderful thing having people (sometimes even forced) to worship and pray in different fashions and styles and volumes... because very very quickly it becomes about something bigger and better than us. Ya know?

But because we're flesh and sinful... there is always than nagging voice in us that thinks we do it best. I think that it's important to know that "flesh" talks and thinks like that... because then when we feel that little "tweak" we can "beat our bodies and make them our slave"


Matt Vaandering said...

i can totally identify with your poem. i bet that in some ways it IS true that people don't know what the hek just happened in the room and don't really know what to do when they get in there. it's like a 9th grade boyfriend and girlfriend vs. a couple that has been married for 50 years. ever kiss a girl in 9th grade? it is very awkward...exciting, no doubt, but it's one big mess of slobber and bonking noses and not knowing where to put your hands etc. however, every married couple started with the dating stage at one point and they probably said and did things that are embarassing when they look back on it. but if they didn't push through the awkward stage of not knowing what to do to please the other, there would be no relationship afterward.
i think that there are people in prayer rooms who probably suck. im sure im one of them. but it is our knowing that God is infinite that keeps us going, because there is always more to learn and things can only get better.

Eric said...

Do we think someone "isn't worthy"? No. Does the thought cross our mind that someone else (or even ourself) might not be so good at it? Yep. At least in MY head, *I* do.

I even said last time (to you Matt, I believe) that I hoped *I* didn't screw up whatever was going on in there.

When you actually "set apart" a room or space or whatever to God, it is something like you can't experience anywhere else. Think about your own personal prayer closet as compared to even the "prayer room". Even those 2 are drastically different from one another.

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