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15 January 2008

Come to the back door and Knock

*** Please note... this poem was not written as a "here's what's good"... haha... it was simply using a scenario to show how "fleshy" we can be (even in the most sacred of places)

Because we're flesh and sinful... there is always than nagging voice in us that thinks we do it best. I think that it's important to know that "flesh" talks and thinks like that... because then when we feel that little "tweak" we can "beat our bodies and make them our slave" ***

The Knock.
Someone's standing on the steps.
Is it an unwilling participant?
Was guilt of invitation the chauffeur at an hour too early?
Doesn't seem likely.
The Knock sounds something different.

After a quarter hour of melting, face down on a war-torn pillow... I'm an intersection of God-Glaze and pre-sleep drool.

Behind The Knock stands a different timbre expecting creative license in my one man symphony.
The nerve.
"I guess it's good", I'm thinking with my defective mix of holiness and arrogance.

Is that The Knock of eagerness or impatience?
Do The Knock's prayers thump with confidence or do they quiver with insecurity?
What does The Knock have loaded into it's ipod?
Can The Knock handle .... all that is ... ME?

Fee Fi Fo Fum.

Oh hey
it's you
Come on in

*** Footnote***

I wrote this in today's early morning... expecting to write something about how exciting it is during our 24/7 prayer weeks when you hear a knock on the door and someone fresh and new is tagging in as you finish your hour.

But just as many times as I've anticipated that with excitement... I've had the selfish arrogant thoughts of "Are THEY going to get what I'VE done here???"

Unity is work. It takes putting our notions of "the right way" behind us i think. It takes graciousness. Enough to join with worship that doesn't necessarily resonate with us stylistically. But understanding that it's never about ME and MY style. It's all about a God who designed us as a colorful mosaic of worship.

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