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23 January 2008

Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika

Not lots makes me truly, angry, angry. But our world's discarding of Africa does. I read this today morning and it INFURIATED me that we're in sackcloth and ashes over Heath Leger's death while 45,000 die in Congo EVERY BLOODY MONTH and we neither hear... nor care.

"DAKAR, Senegal - Some 45,000 people die each month in Congo as the world's deadliest humanitarian crisis has failed to improve despite five years of relative peace in the Central African nation, according to a report released Tuesday.

An estimated 5.4 million Congolese died between 1998 and April 2007 because of conflict, most from the rampant disease and food shortages stemming from fighting, the report said."

It's an astronomically disproportional amount of apathy that we have for Civil Conflict in Africa... even for us!

Africa is stunningly beautiful and Krissy and I were almost itching for the green light to stay there and embrace it's culture as our own. We left Canada years ago, EXPECTING not to come home if I'm honest. But what broke my heart MORE was not the tragedy what happens there. Because THERE is a hidden diamond that nobody knows of. What broke my heart was the decrepit nature of my culture here.

I love it. It's home. It's my calling.
But it's busted.
And it makes me angry.

So I press on.
God Bless Africa.

"Lord, bless Africa;
May her horn rise high up;
Hear Thou our prayers And bless us.

Descend, O Spirit,
Descend, O Holy Spirit.

Bless our chiefs
May they remember their Creator.
Fear Him and revere Him,
That He may bless them.

Bless the public men,
Bless also the youth
That they may carry the land with patience
and that Thou mayst bless them.

Bless the wives
And also all young women;
Lift up all the young girls
And bless them.

Bless the ministers
of all the churches of this land;
Endue them with Thy Spirit
And bless them.

Bless agriculture and stock raising
Banish all famine and diseases;
Fill the land with good health
And bless it.

Bless our efforts
of union and self-uplift,
Of education and mutual understanding
And bless them.

Lord, bless Africa
Blot out all its wickedness
And its transgressions and sins,
And bless it."


lyn's lyrics & lifenotes said...

What a beautiful video Dave, thanks. I can see why you and Krissy wanted to stay in Africa. There's something about getting away from the greed of North America and being one with those who have little. Everyone is equal, everyone shares and what you own just doesn't matter much anymore. To come back and adjust to this culture is difficult after what you've seen. We have so much here...so much is required of us to give. And yet in so many ways, our spirits are so poverty stricken in North America! God bless Africa...and God help our nation.

Matt Vaandering said...

i don't understand why people in Africa are killing each other. what is their motive?

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