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25 January 2008

"Those" Canadian people

Why are we all so afraid of everything?
Check this out from today's Toronto Star...

"Australians taking the advice of their government's "Smart Traveller" web site will likely be steering clear of Canada.

That website, which is run by Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, has Canada listed as a country where travellers should "exercise caution," which is the second-safest category.

Apparently our problems stem from the threat of terrorism, heavy snow, ice and forest fires that can erupt "at any time."

British Columbia, in particular, was singled out as being in an active earthquake zone and "subject to avalanches" along with Alberta.

Countries listed on the Smart Traveller website that are considered safer than Canada include Chile, South Korea and Latvia."

Somewhere in the outback, people are reading that and calling me a savage, eskimoe, pyros, hoser.

"Those people up there. Bunch of terrorists"

I think that the term "Those People" should be considered a racist term. Next time you start a sentence with "those people", catch yourself. YOU ARE "those people". We're all just people.

You could die any day in any country in the world at any time. Let's all just take a deep breath and calm the heck down ya hoser ya. Of course, this is coming from a country of boomerang throwin, Fosters guzzlin, croc wrestlin, Crikey sayin, diggeredoo playin, aborigine lovin, aussies

Pft... those people

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can you blame them? Why just the other day I was shovelling snow in my crocs and I slipped and fell on my ass.

Plus if I lived in Austrailia, why leave really.

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