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7 January 2008


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"You watch... these things are going to begin showing themselves in the marketplace... workplace... school yards... shopping malls... parties... dances... weddings... hospitals..."

Blogger Valorosa said...

So, question ... when do you figure these things are going to show up in every day places?

And I guess I'd like to know why they aren't now.??


I think they will start happening when I stop punking out of praying for that women with the cane in the food court.


Gorilla Bananas said...

What are these things?

Dave Carrol said...

Sorry Mr Gorilla... it was from a previous post...

"Healing and prosperity and the Manifestation of the Spirit of God are a part of NORMAL CHRISTIANITY."

Matt Vaandering said...

This stuff is going to start happening as soon as we start doing them. Sometimes we say that we are waiting on God. I think there are plenty of times that God is waiting on us. I also think that God gets disappointed when we don't show up to our appointments. I feel that this stuff is going to start happening now more than I've ever felt it in my life. 2008 = the beginning of years of abundant miracles!

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