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5 February 2008


Anyone know how to write a book?

So far I've got,

1) 5am alarms
2) Google docs
3) Coffee
4) 3 years of nonsensical notes
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Rick_the_cat said...

My suggestion is to contact Jose Canseco
He seems to know how to write many books

Paul said...

I know how to EDIT them! :-)

Dave Carrol said...


it was 5am... gimme a break eh

shamus goldensteinbergbaum said...

I knew someday you would crawl back to me like a beaten cat. I knew someday you would see the power of my incredible knowledge and artistic gifts. As a massive and revolutionary force in the magnificent and monumental world of art, I have to say there is no hope for you ever to produce a book. Unless, you were to produce a book on feces, you have no hope. I’m sorry to say this but you have the writing ability of Lisa Schiavo, Terry’s younger sister. She couldn’t write herself out of a wet paper bag and neither can you. So, you asked for my advice. I will gladly give it to you. Please abandon all ideas of ever writing a book, please stop polluting the internet with rubbish, please stop trying to be an artist, it’s not in your blood. Perhaps you could learn a trade. Maybe, you could be an electrician or banquet hall busboy; I hear they can make good money in tips. To sum it all up, you need to stop writing, every word you produce is an assault on the glorious world of art. It’s ok if you admire from afar. But, please do not get involved. I urge you. As an artist who sits on the highest plateau of greatness, this is the only advice I can give you.

As ever,

Shamus Goldensteinbergbaum

melanie said...

You'll do great, Dave:) & you have the power of a GReat big GOd behind you & friends to root you on...2 things ONE of your commentators clearly DOES NOT have, (along w/a decent hairstylist) although there's hope...even 4 him can you believe it:D

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