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7 February 2008

Africa and me

I talk about it a lot. But 7 months in Africa changed me. It took me from being one person with a fixed set of social norms, God expectations, cultural assumptions... and made me into a fuller human, a better husband, and a clearer thinking Christian.

I want to share my private journals with you to show you some of my process... because it wasn't a simple one.

I learned lessons that I wasn't expecting to learn, but what God did during this "marinating" time has been foundational for me as I've launched into adult ministry.

Today my little sister Jen leaves for Liberia. You should follow her blog called "When I grow up, I want to be nurse in Africa... or a ballerina." Also my friend Sarah in Kenya took some astounding shots of Kenya last weekend. Check out her blog for more, "Out of Africa".

Just had this great chat with one of my best friends Matt... (who is about to embark on an excellent adventure of his own)

Matt: you think you'll ever go back to Ghana?
Dave: yep, but i don't think africa will ever be my focus. I think i'll go back for fun
I TRULY believe that there will come a day where there is enough wealth for Christians to do the ministry they dream of and there won't be the need for so much cross cultural stuff
Matt: ya man
Dave: and we won't need to go to africa to see poverty to be impacted. I think that's such crap that people go to see horrible situations and come back "changed", and then live high on the hog and send their 30 bucks a month to a kid
Matt: haha!
Dave: like.... PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE and context doesn't matter. Get a heart for people and go!
Matt: totally. i couldn't agree more. Even just the mindset that what people see, is worse than what they live in is such a twisted thought. like, why do we assume that our living conditions are superior just because our houses are bigger?
i honestly couldn't care less if people live in huts...i actually think it's great
Dave: ditto
What we think about when we think about Africa barely moved me. I learned from powerfully free, culturally relevant (their own culture), dedicated Missionary's. Every time I go out of Canada... my heart burns (and hurts) for Canada even more.

Romans 12:2
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.


Matt Vaandering said...

wow, that journal was INCREDIBLE! i understand why ghana was life changing...now more than ever. I hope God says I can go go ghana and chill with Albert. I was so blessed to pop in on you guys when he was visiting. like, sometimes i think that I love God and then i hear that story about him and the rain and I think "man, i don't love God enough".

Dave Carrol said...

Yeah... it was a season where God took my young faith and molded it.

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