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12 February 2008


I remember going to hear an evangelist speak once and he said the words, "if you're not a soul winner, you're a backslider". Ha. Glad I wasn't a 19 year old new Christian at that moment. This dude was hardcore. He was a crash down the door of the Crack House, haul out that hooker, jam a little Jesus down her windpipe and get her into a small group kinda fella. I actually really liked him. He lived out his passion and saw some big fruit. I can dig that. But the "if you're not a soul winner, you're a backslider" comment has always bothered me. Because all of our kids are different... and so is our fruit.

We had our son just shortly after a friend of Krissy's had one too. And what a whopper of a baby HE was! He was and is this larger than life kinda baby! He walked first, he talked first, he ran first, he interacted with other kids better. He was "wonder baby"! It was astounding easy to look at Jared and think,

"What's wrong with you? Shouldn't you been walking? Why aren't you saying "mohodadada" by now?" If you're a not a crawler, you're a backslider Jared. Repent and crawl in Jesus name (insert tongues here)."

I can appriciate that we're excited about what our fruit looks like. When you find a really nice, big banana at the grocery... it's pretty darn wonderful. But some people don't dig bannanas. You know? Carers think everyone should be baking pies for each other. Prophets think every time I have a dream I should pray through its colour scheme. My fruit looks like me and Krissy. It's as unique as we are, but dealing with fruit is a tricky propasition. Because we were made to worship AND reproduce. Intimacy and Giving. In and Out. Within the bond of intimacy, God desires to birth big, full, promised land like kinda fruit. But it sure can look and smell weird.

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