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4 March 2008


You know what was the coolest thing about seeing Bruce Springsteen in concert?

That I'd always wanted to do it.

When he came to our side of the stage... we were about 10ft away from this music legend. It's an interesting thing when you see a really, really famous person up close. Just a real person... but someone who has enough influence in this world to have 18,000 people singing along with his every word for 2.5 hours.

Really something. Even though I have already incurred some "Your an old man" mockery from my young friends!

He sang new album stuff (which is great), old East Street Band stuff... even closed it off with an Irish jig!

I've written before (here) about how I love Bruce's all-out style... and it was interesting watching adults throw themselves in his music like I wish these same adults could throw themselves into worship.

We sat beside a dude named Sheldon, whose friend described as "The Bank of Canada". He was likely 40 and apparently has seen 65 Springsteen shows and follows him around the world. He paid 40,000 dollars to a charity for his seats and repeatedly lost himself in "Boss Worship" during the night. Wild, quirky fella with more money than he knew what to do with...
... following someone OF Passion WITH Passion.
That's what was going on last night in Hamilton. He's a beautiful poet.. but even the lyrically fantastic songs like "The River"... people just kinda hollered along to occasionally shouting, "Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuce" annoyingly.

I like concerts and shows. My over-thinking mind gets to feed on stimuli aplenty. But as much as I dig Bruce's music and LOVED my night last night... after singing about our Majestic God and feeling the rushing of the Spirit of God into a room... singing about old country roads, cheatin' hearts, and ball games... feels a bit silly. Truth be told... I prayed for Bruce and Sheldon more than I sang along.

But I will leave you with this.... one of favorite ever Springsteen moments because I couldn't help think about this today. It was David Letterman's final show on NBC back in 1993. I was (and am) a big Letterman fan so I remember being young, tired and giddy when Dave wrapped up the big show with this...

See... Bruce rocks pretty hard.

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