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19 March 2008

"George fought the battle of Bedford Falls"

Who are you? George Bailey or Harry Bailey?

The story is that as children, older brother George saved Harry's life... but in the process, it left him deaf in one ear. That meant that (back when people WANTED to fight for their country) Harry got to travel the world as a fighter pilot, winning medals of honor, saving lives and having the great adventures that George desparately desired to have...

... while George, "fought the battle of Bedford Falls". His own little town. One that he was deeply entrenched in, but somewhat loathed because of it's apparent restrictions.

In the end, George... via divine intervention... receives "the spirit of wisdom and revelation" and learns just how important his calling is, as Clarence the angel writes in his book, "No man is poor as long as he has friends".

So my question is? Which is really more effective... and who are you?

It's funny because I've got a bit of the George Bailey in me. I HAVE had my share of world adventures (and plan on having many more), but God has made continued provision to be planted and invested in my hometown. And it hasn't (and isn't) always the easiest calling to process.

In a moment of honest exposition a few months ago, right behind the cross in our prayer room (our designated place to write the names of those we're praying for for salvation), I stood reading the names of family members, neighbors, mechanics...

real human people.

I realized that I had no problem believing for "My City" to be saved and healed. But it's not as easy for me to specifically care about 1 person. The individual.

Somewhere deep down, after an outreach, when I'd hear a pastor say, "If only one responds, it's all worth it!", I'd be thinking, "no it's not... I want THE CITY."

And I still do unapologetically think that, partially because it's how I'm wired. But...

A city IS the sum of the individual souls within it.

And the dream of a city filled with worship... shaping the landscape of my country, THRILLS my spirit and drives me to see Harry Bailey bigness in fighting the George Bailey battle of Bedford Falls.

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