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25 March 2008

March's Best Big Ear searches

Here's how some of you found "Big Ear" this month c/o of ShinyStat.

I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of that myself. Now THAT'S interpretive art at its finest.

No deal. As a child I was afraid of the Zamboni and never learned to skate. True Story. Sad sad Canadian story. Children didn't let me play reindeer games after that. No syrup for me. :(

As John and Olivia once said, "We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong"

"Well dere... dang ole boys from dem dere Iraqs just can't stop from shootin up us's tanks so dat dere big dog in dat White house better dad gum drop dat big ole' southern biscuit of a nuke pre-darn pronto. I'm John Gibbons. Good Night"

Big month for Paul Simon searches for no particular reason...

Ummm... it's, "He MAKES the sign of a teaspoon and she MAKES the sign of a WAVE dimwit. If you can't get your obscure metaphorical lyrical allusions right.... DON'T EVEN COME HERE YOU NUMBTY CLAUS!!!!!

Who's searching for those? Carey Fischer? Really? Would you be happy if you found them?
"Yes... dude... check THESE out"

funny way to searrrrrrrrrch the Holy scccccccriptures.

Yuck. (pausing to think further)... (shivering)... Yuck.

I'd advise against that.
Unless it says this:

I feel a bit weepy for the kid who Googled that one. Maybe it was me in the past.

And finally...
Do you think there was something interesting that happened in March?

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