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11 March 2008

Stuff White People like

Found a very funny blog called "Stuff that White People like". They are still going... but I though I'd share their top 75.

75: Is awesome. Especially as someone who already lives here. I'll do it darn you.

71: Applies at most hockey games

62: Hot dogs

59: Snickering on the inside.

55: Dear Jesus make it stop

53: I have enough things that poop in my house already

51: Shut up OK?

50: Don't you think?

44: I caught a fascinating doc on Igor Stravinsky on CBC last night

43: As long as they don't start singing in the middle of it

38: "It's pronounced "Analrapist"

36: Why do they have marmalade on the tables in those little packets but not Peanut Butter... seriously. Get a clue.

31: If I had balance maybe.

30: Home sweet home... even though I've never been there... I will Pepe... I will.

28: Pft!

24: Sorry... I'm a Christian.

22: Is "the dork" a last name?

20: You don't know me

17: It's not true mom... .... ...

14: In a drunken stooper, I once called a guy "the epitome of blackness".

9: Get off my back Al Gore... Lost is on

7: Ah the cultural mosaic

2: Yeah no kidding... fall in line... what's a matta you?

1: Can I have one right now? I'm going to go get one right now. Last night I had one with a chocolate raspberry flavor shot just because.... coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee....

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