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13 March 2008

This girl I grew up in love with

When I met my wife:

- She wore blue sweat pants and had a solid rotation of thick wool sweaters.

- She spat seeds on to the ice at a hockey game as a way to flirt with me.

- She told me flat out, "if you don't get saved, you're going to hell"... in love.

- She would sit in the back of my parents Ford Econoline Van while I drove so she could look at my eyes in the rear-view mirror.

- She was afraid that men always left.

- She would tell anyone who would listen about how Jesus changed her life.

- She was legitimately pissed that God didn't let us go to the same college.

- She kissed me long and hard after Field of Dreams ended and faded to black into James Horner's score.

- She accidentally hung up on my Dad when he called his own home before even meeting him.

- She was a big sister when my little sister needed one.

- She bounded around the exterior of the church in the spirit and moaned in intercession like she was in labor even before I knew what what was happening.

- She knew I loved her the day I told off my friends in her honor.

- She would say, "sugar plum fairies dancing in my head" instead of swearing.

- She loved her Bible more than anyone I knew.

- She couldn't tell me for weeks that she lost a bracelet I bought her.

- She REALLY loved 80's Power Ballads.

I really like this girlie a lot.

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