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3 March 2008

Today... Bruce Springsteen was God's bone to me

I've had a very personally "funky" few months. I've always been an up and down kinda guy but my downs have been downer and longer lately. I took off for my "lunch hour"... killing time walking aimlessly around a mall close to my radio station. (I put "lunch hour" in quotes since I'm fasting and there isn't much "lunching" going on).

I browsed through a record store and saw a Bruce Springsteen display set up at the front. He's playing a rare show in Hamilton tonight so that made some good sense. I've always wanted to see him in concert... but I'm not a ticket line stander and he sells out in moments.

I was driving back to the office and was kinda bummed. Not about anything in particular but bummed. I was thinking... I'd just love to do something a bit wild and fun. I got back to the office and a buddy of mine who is my "insider" MSN'd me and told me that the promoters of the show had just released a few extra seats but weren't telling anyone. So I grabbed a pair for me and m'lady.

They're stupid expensive but I don't care today (maybe tomorrow I will). Krissy's been trying to get me tickets to see Bruce for years so this is "Unvalentines Day". It came without warning (just like it always does)... it's unique to us (as it should be) ... and means something instead of nothing.

I have a lot of long range dreams... fewer short range ones. It helps me be a visionary and a dreamer but it can also be kick in the jabeebees because there aren't as many fulfilling little accomplishments. So I've found that every now and again... God throws long-range thinkers a bone.

Today... my bone came in the form of Bruce Springsteen tickets.

Got a problem with my theology? Tough.


Matt Vaandering said...

have a wicked time man!:)

Andrea said...

enjoy your date with the "boss"!!

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