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30 March 2008

What worship feels like sometimes...

It's like walking into a room with a sumo wrestler sitting on your head; reminding yourself that nothing on earth is as beautiful as God... Then feeling him shrink away into the sun.

I think there is only one thing that I would ever get a tattoo of. It's of the Isaiah 26:8 scripture that Passion takes their 268 Generation pledge from.

It would just say..


Eric said...

Do it! Do it!

Rick_the_cat said...

Tatoes aren't cool
Don't do it.
Old wrinkley men with ink don't cut it

Dave Carrol said...

I'm about 123 steps away from getting a tattoo. Krissy hates them too and I don't think I really like them anyway.

One day... these things WILL look stupid (and some... look stupid imedietly).

But IF I was ever going to get anything... it would be a reminder to me about what I'm doing as long as I live in that skin

Matt Vaandering said...

if im old and wrinkly, i don't think ill care if i have a tatoo that reminds me that I was once 20. I'm hoping all my insecurity issues are dealt with by that time. i think you should convince krissy to go in on it with you. you can get "His name" on your left and right bum cheek and she can get "his renown" on hers. joking of course

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