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26 April 2008

Best Shinystats Big Ear Google searches for April

And here we go...

Is she ever! I was over at E2's pad last night and pimped her ride. Then Phillip said something racist to me. Then he shot me. But thankfully, as my homeboy... E2 is now contractually obligated to cap him.

Street rules is street rules.

I'm so happy that Fanta pop has returned. It was all over in Ghana but since being blessed by His Holiness... I'm predicting big things in the St. Mark's Cafeteria.

Two words. Manute Bol.

"Call 1-888-pft. The pft agency. The agency that couldn't care less"

How about this one? That's pretty stupid.
Oh those wacky Chinese. Such cut ups they are.

These are 2 good reminders. Did you hear what Michael Moore said last week?
"My endorsement is more for Obama The Movement than it is for Obama the candidate."
Wee bit full of ourselves these days? Yeah well... HE HAS BIG EARS. HA HA HA HA HA

Come crashing down a few pegs Mr. Movement.


I wish I was a movement.

That's EXACTLY the kind of tattoo that I'm allowed to get ironically enough. There's my movement... the "Mythical Tattoo" movement. For those of us who kinda want one but can't pull it off.

Take that Mr Big Barack Ears!

Jesus junk is everywhere these days. How about "disturbingly inappropriate glow in the dark Jesus Light switch"?

Oh please make it stop....

I hope that was the same guy who searched for both of those things. I think that search #2 about #2 would make a really good #1.

Just look for the hot dog bun. That one was easy.

I'm hoping that you are 49 years old. Because then you are this thing:

Otherwise... you're the same age you are in English.

Personification: "The attribution of a personal nature or character to inanimate objects or abstract notions".
Now... if I did have a gay armpit, I would have to keep it away from the other genetically identical armpit so as to not cause them to stumble. Daytime is easy. It's while I'm sleeping that I'm worried about.

2 ll's in Carrol? Oh you must be looking for him...

Well thanks for popping by. Hope you found what you're looking for. I'm uncomfortable with this mental image. Moving on.
With the loin cloths and all... moving on moving on...

Well if Brantford is the City of God... then the Chicken City of God must be Duluth. Yep Duluth, "Chicken City of God".

Step #1: Check with Dave before you do anything.
Step #2: Pretend you're Bruce Springsteen
That's all I've got. Thanks for checking with me first before attempting to sing though

FYI... it's called "Christmas in Brantford" and it's the most wonderful day of the year. A day for the giving and receiving of each other's trash. I miss it like I miss Thursday night Seinfeld.


Chris Friel said...

Shinystats Blog?!? Yeah, that's my favourite. I wouldn't miss it, like I wouldn't miss Big Garbage Day in Brantford.

Dave Carrol said...

Christmas in Brantford truly is the most wonderful time of the year Chris.

Was that one your invention? Because if it was... you are a genius.

Chris Friel said...

I wish it was, but I only inherited it as Mayor. It's too bad people had to ruin it for everyone. Best recycling program going.

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