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30 April 2008

The City of God

I've said it before... but I really believe in the generation that are college age. They are going lead the charge to real wide spread denominationless revival in North America... and in Brantford.

A couple of nights ago, friends of ours called us and we prayed through whether or they should take off in the middle of the night and head down to Lakeland Florida where God is doing AMAZING things! Healing the blind, deaf, the paralyzed, cancer and on and on. People are coming from all over North America and half a million have watched on God TV or their UStream site. Those running these ongoing revival services really believe that this is a vehicle to spread healing around the world. And I'm in on that!

Last night a reporter from the local CBS affiliate was there and God healed her of a migraine headache (she had been throwing up in the bathroom). You can read her story here. On a side note... I also LOVE how so many of those who are in Lakeland are young people. Just down to earth real people not caring about anything but God. The age of the religious nut bar being the only ones who want God are over... thank you very much.

So our newly married friends who had only a few days off been classes and summer classes, drove all night to Lakeland and last night we watched them on God TV being encouraged, spurred on, and sent back to Brantford full of whatever's living in that hockey arena in Lakeland.

And that's their desire... and I LOVE that. It's great that things are happening in Florida. It's super that the media sees a change in Florida. I live in Brantford. I want it here!

Another one of my revolutionary friends emailed me this video that she made. It's an amazing expression of this generation's desire to see our community be transformed from making the news about being the "Crime Capital" and having feces in our water (check THIS out... yuck) to being the CITY OF GOD.

"The Hungry Win"
Brian Beattie

Just try and convince me differently. I Dare you.
Brantford... will... win.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Thanks for posting on this. I have a friend who is a pastor in Lakeland. He is going along to see what is happening.

Believe it or not but I have only just heard about this.

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