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17 April 2008

The future of Church Communication

I found a very thought provoking blog post from Pete Wilson of Crosspoint Church in Nashville. It's about modern art, modern communication and the church. He's let me repost it here:

Time’s online magazine had an amazing article about the future of Graffiti.

"While most graffiti crews use spray paint to mark buildings and urban infrastructure, the artists behind the Graffiti Research Lab, have perfected a unique form of temporary high-tech graffiti they call laser tagging that utilizes a laser pointer in lieu of paint, a projector in place of a spray. Instead of hitting dark subway tunnels and back alleys, they turn their attention to public places such as skyscrapers and monuments."

Once again, this has me thinking. What are some of the communication methods we need to improve in church culture today? Where are we still holding a can of spray paint when we could be using a laser? How do we use the technology at our fingertips to communicate our timeless message?

Pete's Blog is called Without Wax.

I was out last night for wings with some "great minds". A number of us either had, or do work in radio and were discussing it's inevitable demise that everyone within the industry knows is happening but won't acknowledge. So we got to talking about the most effective mediums for sharing Jesus...

Should we use the radio?
Set up an internet radio stream?
Or maybe invent something new?

It's an interesting conundrum the church always finds itself it. Because none of us WANT to be caught holding the spray can. But buy the video projector and light show equipment and someone says, "you could have bought 50,000 street hot-dogs with that money!"

But these are amazing days. Not sure if you've heard, but right now in Lakeland Florida, Todd Bentley is at a church called Ignited Church. They are 3 weeks into what they are calling, "The Greater Florida Healing Revival". They have a live stream and chat room hooked up to their meetings where people are tuning in all over the world and reporting healings here there and everywhere.

Friend of mine told me about it... calling me from his living room floor... as he was overwhelmed by the power of God through the internet. I have some wild friends eh. I've watched a bit and it's cool... but the communication part is riveting to me.

If it's true (and it does seem to be) that outbreaks of revival are often traced back to people who have experienced other revivals... then the potential for a true, genuine inhabitation of the Holy Spirit to be shared with MANY in these times is truly a titillating thought.

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