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1 April 2008

I got your back

Leadership is not an easy road. Here's how change works:

1. Someone thinks, "this needs to change. I will change it".
2. They throw themselves out of the boat and dive full force into their passion.
3. They are ripped mercilessly into little bitty pieces by the establishment they are railing against.
4. If their cause is noble... the common person will be swayed to believe.
5. The revolutionary becomes King (or is killed). Both happen.
6. "Cooler heads" prevail and 2/3 of what the revolutionary said will be become institutionalized, marginalized, common subdued wisdom.

now the fun one...

7. If the Revolutionary is not already dead... he becomes branded by his initial passion, is considered to be obsolete, and his opinion is no longer listened to. He becomes a figure.

I was chatting with a friend who is a real life "Revolutionary". One who's passion has spurred me on over the years. He quoted this terrible old "Men without Hats" song:

"All of those things that I wanted to say
Well you can take those things and throw them all away
Because he who points the finger well only he gets hung
That's why I don't to be a messiah, messiahs die young"

Nobody likes being raked over the coals or having to take other's crap. Especially since leaders have willingly and sacrificially done what they've done for the GOOD of people who are often unappreciative (or unaware) of their actions. This is a consequence of leadership that leaders realize and accept... but Martyrdom doesn't work for young families. Ha ha ha.

Leadership is not easy. There are 15 different voices (including yours) that have tainted, biased opinions about every issue. In the end, it is left TO YOU to decide upon the correct course of action. Sound fun? To leaders... they wouldn't have it any other way.

But does that make it easy?
No sir.

It become difficult to trust.
It becomes difficult to discern the times.
It becomes difficult to balance work, passion, family.
It becomes difficult to allocate priority in your finances and time.

Pray for your leaders whether you agree with them or not. Be a trusted, loyal friend to those in your life who are leaders. Be a soft ear. An understanding voice. An outlet for frustrations. Even a provider of resource.

Strong personalities and those with "loud" voices are often misread as "having it all together". You have no idea what it means to someone who leads... to have someone "bless" them. Proper Leadership is really servanthood. It's giving of yourself to facilitate the destiny of others. When, after doing that, someone who has been touched by their leadership gives something back... it means an ENORMOUS amount.

This is a bit of Bill Yount's word from the Elijah list today:
(Whole thing here)

Being in the same church for thirty-five years, I am learning late in life that God deems our relationships higher than our visions and dreams. If your vision or dream is not yet fulfilled, check out your relationships, because I believe we inherit our promised land through our relationships. We not only need God to enter into the Promised Land, but we need each other. "Where there is no vision, the people perish," (Proverbs 29:18) could also perhaps be turned around to say, "Without people, your vision will perish."

If I had my life to do over again (regarding my dream and vision for my life and our church), I would guard my relationships more. When I began to focus on our vision and made it more important than our relationships, we began to lose ground. When we begin to lose our relationships, we begin to abort our vision and destiny."

Relationships are necessary... even for leaders. And when they find good ones, they should keep them. Be good to your leaders. Get their back.

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