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15 April 2008

I have a dream of making love in a tiny stone house in Edinburgh

I have a dream of making love in a tiny stone house in Edinburgh.
Where the fire crackles in the center of a drafty hand-knit room.
Faces are flushed,
Left over from the damp Autumn tourist walk.
Plastic bags filled with Tartan and fudge.
In days, we'll leave the city in search of that Braveheart place.
We'll find it and say, "Ah. There it is"
We'll giggle at something stupid... and think about what's important.

I have a dream of a crumpled turtle neck that smells like her, discarded by the bed.
My hair held in perfect disorder by Scottish rain and Dippity-doo number 9.
Weeping windows inside and out.
Gravestones and green hills remind us who we are.
Racing hearts driving ancient blood to the outer courts of the temple.
Tomorrow we'll confirm each other's suspicions;
We looked better without the kilt.
Then eat something with raisins.

I have a dream of secret place exploits that make the walls whisper...
Public place spectacles that make the elderly gossip over steaming morning somethings...
Holy eyes flicker... saving glimpses of time to permanent hard drives.
Uninvited, we'll crash the prayer rooms of strangers.
Decorated in foreign sparkle that puzzles the mind and rustles the spirit.
We'll stay up late and read the unpublished story of life and time to each other.
We'll soak together in the hospitality of the unsealed secrets;
stirred to life in my dream of a tiny stone house in Edinburgh.

1 comment:

Dave Carrol said...

If you're asking if this is about sex... or prayer... or God and us... or just something in my imagination.

The answer is Yes

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