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24 April 2008

I shoulda been courtside!!!

Come on now. I got hosed this morning. Toronto Sports radio station, The Fan 590 had a contest this morning to find the best Sam Mitchell impression. The winner got court side seats for the Raptors v Orlando Playoff game tonight.

Sam Mitchell comes on the morning show every week and lambastes Don Laundry and Gord Stellick. It's extremely funny hearing a professional coach threaten to strangle jocks with a hose and run them over on the Don Valley Parkway.

My personal fav was when he said,
"you're about to feel the ratta tat tat of my batta bat bat on your head"
Go Smitch. So I got on air... and even made it to the final 3. But alas. I got hosed by some hoser. Here's the dramatic recreation of my entry.

powered by ODEO

Come on! I am Smitch!


rev. todd said...

that's a really good impression! You should have won! Thanks for checking out my blog, i like what you are doing here!

Matt Vaandering said...

haha, frickin hilarious.

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