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29 April 2008

Laugh or Cry?

I'm going to go with...

1) Silence
2) Silence
3) Run for Paper Towel
4) Realize Paper Towel is useless
5) Cry
6) Laugh
7) Cry
8) Cancel adult plans for the night
9) Sigh
10) Pour a bath


skittles said...

that's not seriously ur kids... is it??? cuz i think i would just run and lock myself in my room and call my mom to pick up the kids. yeah. otherwise it could become ugly. Of course, I'd be laughing about it in a month or so....

Anonymous said...

ROFL! I've seen that one before. Hysterical to the core (only b/c they are not my kids!)!


SolShine7 said...


Heidi W said...

What is it? Looks like fun for them. (secretly glad it isn't my kids too)

Wow. That is a serious mess!

Dave Carrol said...

No they are not my kids... thank you Jesus.

Although it is a better paint job than I could do.

Tiyo W. Prasetyo said...

Must be fun for them but not fun for you. Be strong!

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