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9 April 2008

My eyes are small but they have seen the beauty of enormous things

"Prayer is the rhythm we walk to"
Phil Evans

Prayer is more than just a small group of hungry people huddled in homes and drafty meeting rooms. Prayer is a globally interwoven group of ordinary nobodies... simply letting God conform them into His likeness.

It's a complex network of voices and races speaking the same language on an intrinsic communication system.

Pete Greig just got back from Africa and wrote this about how prayer fits into places filled with such massive poverty...

"But you may be wondering what African AIDS Orphans have to do with 24-7 Prayer? Prayer is like pregnancy: it gives birth to miraculous new life (mission, innovation, community, creativity, social justice - you name it.) Many people I meet define 24-7 as a particular model of prayer, but we actually don’t mind how people pray as long as they pray! Prayer rooms are certainly a brilliant way of engaging with God, but they aren’t the only way. And although prayer is the heartbeat of everything we do, you’ll have noticed that it isn’t the only thing we do. A friend in Scotland recently explained it like this:

24-7 is meant to be a verb – an action, and not a noun – an object or organization. We are friends giving permission to one another to do creative, courageous, Kingdom things. Prayer propels us out to make a difference in the world."

Let me give you an example of what prayer does...

The other day, a new friend of mine in Nashville, that I've gotten to know through blogging, asked me to pray for friends of his and his wife... the Smith family. You can read their whole story here, but the long and the short of it is that Angie and Todd Smith knew that they were going to have to give birth to their 4th child Audrey via C-Section and that she was likely to die shortly after.

The family got 90 minutes to be with their daughter which was a gift from God. But it's obviously very difficult. This was a snippet of my chat with my friend this morning...

10:10 AM Me: The night I told my wife about your friends and she read the blog... she welled up with tears and you could tell she was praying for them. There is a really interesting connection between Christians. It's a legitimate kinship that really does function practically (even when you don't know each other)
it's something that's both practical and supernatural you know?

10:12 AM Friend: that's so sweet... i know... people have really responded to this story... both Christians and non have written and been praying... it's been crazy and beautiful

me: The real value of prayer is an ever-expanding thing in my head lately.

10:16 AM me: People who you have something against... pray for them for 15 minutes and see how our attitude changes.

Get yourself used to praying then hear about someone you've never met... a friend of someone your husband chats with on the internet in Nashville... and you're "moved with compassion" to feel for and care about that person like they were there in that room (and thats what i saw in my wife's eyes... which is to her credit) ... but that's what prayer can do
10:17 AM it kinda wowed me actually
and as usual... she just lives it and does it... and i try and analyze it and break it down
Friend: lol

"My eyes are small but they have seen the beauty of enormous things"
David Crowder

So we keep praying.
Keep asking... seeking... knocking.
Keep moving the rhythm of heaven.
We hear. We speak. We obey. We trust.

We pray.

We pray.

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