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25 April 2008

Why won't Christians write songs about girls?

"My Music doesn't come from the heart... it comes from the groin"
Bryan Adams

...and yet Bryan Adams has written some fantastic love songs. Could it be that sex and real pure love have a connection somewhere? Gee Whiz Billy.

I was flipping around the radio the other day and I heard a catchy new Kid Rock song called "All Summer Long". It only caught my ear since it's bed is a smashup of "Werewolves of London" and "Sweet Home Alabama". This song can't hold a candle to either of the songs it's stolen from. It's not a good song by any stretch of the imagination. But it's one of those "makin love down by the lake with my girl" kinda songs.
And it got my mind a flyin' as lyrics like that seem to do.

Remember the first time you heard Van's Brown Eyed Girl and you heard him get overwhelmed remembering making love in the green grass behind the stadium? I used to love that idea. Since I'm a dude. It's seemed pretty cool to me. Still does. I wanted to sing sha la la la la la la la tee dah.

I gave it a try and I wasn't singin' a whole lotta anything. Then I got that ring on my left hand... the piggy that "went home"... and gave it another go.
Sha la la la la la la la tee dah! But I'll be gosh darned if I can find a good "makin love in the green grass with yo wife" song at The Gospel Lighthouse.

Oh wait you're saying. What about that one Geoff Moore "If you could see what I see" tear jerker that my brother sang to my wife at my wedding... confusing everyone about why he was serenading his sister-in-law (doing it OT style). It's pretty and all. Makes a nice scripture greeting card... but the honeymoon mix tape didn't have a heck of a lot of Geoff Moore on it.

NOTE: Yes we were married in the "mix tape" era.

Honestly... someone write a good summer, fun, "makin love in the green grass" song that doesn't include Kid Rock spoiling it for me by "smoking funny things". With Jesus, we've been given the greatest gift of legit freedom there is! And we waste our time being prudes and pretending to play the role of "Christian" as it was scripted for you back when you signed on the dotted line! Sheesh. That couldn't be any stupider. Being conservative churns my stomach.

Think I'll get a sitter on Saturday. Actually I've got one. We're going to a Christian concert full of love songs in support of some great friends. I think I'll put in a request...
Take it Van...


Sensuous Wife said...

All I can say is if Delighted Husband wants me to make love in the green, green grass, I prefer a Liberator throe underneath me. Grass is itchy.

and about the music...
Chris Rice wrote some darn good love songs on his Amusing album. Sexy even. My favorite one is Lemondade, I wrote about it last fall (More Sugar Please). Delighted Husband and I had a gorgeous evening listening to Chris Rice singing songs from this album from the second row of a concert held at a church. When Chris sang some of the songs from his new album, which are all about dating and falling in love, the response from the audience was underwhelming. They seemed confused and uncomfortable with the happy-falling-in-love lyrics.
Delighted Husband and I just beamed at Chris and held hands. I even patted DH's thigh once or twice for good measure. I clapped extra loud for Chris to make up for the uptight (insert denomination name here). It was a wonderful evening.

Remember what they did to poor Charlie Peacock when he included Kiss Me Like a Woman on his Christian album?

We the Church have got a ways to go when it comes to celebrating God's splendiforus generosity in the gift of sex.

Where are my manners? saying hello at the very end?
Hi. I'm Sensuous Wife. I found your blog from Gemma's. Nice to meetcha!

Dave Carrol said...

Hello there!

yeah it's true... church is coming along. Slowly... but the "becoming the bride" process is one that even our ugly flesh can't stop

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