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27 May 2008

The Creepiest Christian Album Ever

It's "Sing with Little Marcy at Home" (shivers).

Yes friends... she's an Evangelical Child Puppet in a bonnet. Ventriloquism (along with miming) are the only legit tried and true "can't miss" mediums of healthy evangelism.

Wasn't the little girl standing with Marcy on the album cover from Twin Peaks? Always spoke in backwards gibberish?

Some of Little Marcy's greatest hits include

  • When Mr. Satan Knocks at My Heart's Door
  • Kiddies with the Curl on Top
  • I'll be a Sunbeam Bright
  • If You're Saved and You Know it--Little Helpers for Jesus
  • We're More than Conquerors (preach it little miss puppet)
  • The Lord is Counting on You
  • His Sheep am I
  • Everybody Ought to Love Jesus (this puppet is very very wise. I love her)

Little Marcy was also apparently the Godmother of the Veggie Tales.

When Little Marcy sits around the poker table, smoking cigars and reminiscing with the other puppets... she says,

"The Cucumber and the Tomata don't know crap bout child areachin'. I was singin' with produce when they were drawn wit pencils. Thems were the days."

Little Marcy talks like a fat guy. In my head. And she always will.


Anonymous said...

Poor Marcy just let herself go after the divorce.

This is too funny!

Adam Owens said...

Wow.. Where did you find this wonderful piece for Christian History....lol.. That doll is freakin me out just a tad bit.

oh welcome to the fraternity.

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