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31 May 2008

Do Canadians Believe in God?

Pollsters Harris-Decima have released some fascinating new information about Canadians and God.
Here are some of the interesting findings and quotes...

72% said they believe in a God
23% said they don't
6% didn't answer

In the states... it's more like 12% who don't believe.

"We are past the time of people trashing God, they are now trying to find a safe place where they can nurture that spirituality. Canada is a nation of believers, not belongers.''

"People who believe in a god increasingly imagine a nebulous but powerful force for good, rather than the traditional concept of a deity. Indeed, he likened the concept to that of the Force in the Star Wars movies."

"The study noted only one-third of adult Canadians attend religious services at least once a month. But the study, conducted in 2002, found more than one-half engage in religious activities on their own at least on a monthly basis."

English Canadians (73 per cent) were more likely than French Canadians (67 per cent) to say they believed in a god.

Belief in a god is higher in rural Canada (76 per cent) than in urban Canada (69 per cent).
This morning I popped in some Ghanaian worship music and was remembering our life changing year in Africa. I really truly loved it there. There has always been a part of me that wished God said "STAY".

But he didn't. Quite the opposite actually. I fell even more in love with my Canada.

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Pete Wilson said...

Great post. I love Canada!!!

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