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30 May 2008

Hurley's a blogger!

By the way... I love LOST.

You know, even though Jack appears to be dumb... I don't think he is.

Jack's a responsible leader man.

Who's in the coffin? Not Jack. He's the one who took responsibility the whole time... now he's gotta haul Locke's sorry corpse back to the... um... invisible island from the past/present/future.

And check this out... Hurley has a blog! It's great. It's about deep things like Scope... and Disney Milk... and Fish Biscuits.

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Heidi W said...

I love your blog. And I too, love LOST. :) I'm agonizing the months we have to wait for a new episode!

I've been reading the past few weeks, and just thought I'd finally say hi!

Heading over to check out Hurley's blog now. Thanks!

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