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1 May 2008

I really like Scott Rolen

From the Toronto Star today:

"I'm of the ilk that not every win is what's best for the team all the time. My experience has been that a lot of times teams that are really competitive are teams that really know how to lose, really understand how to lose and what it's like to turn the page and move on to the next day."
Scott Rolen

I actually kind of like this philosophy even for Ministry. I don't care if I put people in an awkward or uncomfortable position... or even if they fail the challenge presented to them. It's more often than not a great thing!

Because if you know that you should step out in faith to say or do something... and don't... the dialog that goes on in your head/spirit allows God to show you truth and even be the motivator to succeed the next time.

Life is more like Baseball than a Tony Robbins Convention.

1 comment:

rev. todd said...

That's a great quote dude... and a great idea! Thank you!!!

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