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14 May 2008

Long live the Zondervanian Empire

Don't you just love it when you get a package in the mail? I've become a part of Zondervan's Blog List... which means that they are going to be shipping me new books to read and talk about here on the blog.

That's pretty cool. It's ironic timing for me actually. Because I've never been this hungry to read... AND I've never had this little time to actually do it before. Here's what came in my brown box of love yesterday...

Rookie Dad

"In a series of personal literary essays, David Jacobsen reflects humorously and heartbreakingly on the joys and fears of first-time fatherhood from his wife’s pregnancy to his son’s first birthday."

My advice for rookie dads? Everything in your life now revolves around 3 things. Eat. Sleep. and Poop. It's the eternal struggle for everyone in your house to do all three of these things. Mark my words.

Peppermint-Filled Piñatas

"How can we move our churches to become relevant, responsive, and reflective of the global community? This book maps the way beyond ethnic, racial, and cultural barriers to the communities that Jesus wants us to have."

I love talk about cultures intermingling. It makes Christians squirmy. It's a good squirmy though. There are chapters called, "Lots of Sex in the City" and "The Mosque next door". Should be interesting.

Jesus for President

"Amid all the buzz of politics and elections, Jesus for President is a refreshing reminder that our ultimate hope lies not in partisan political options but in the Jesus who gave his life for us. Politics for ordinary radicals who want to love the world into the kingdom of God."

This is the next book I was going to buy anyway so I was happy to get it. Last night I piled through about 75 pages between chicken pox, meetings, world domination and sleep. It's the most esthetically pleasing booky kinda book I've ever seen. Each page is it's own piece of art. It's a pleasure to turn each page.

It's also a very establishment challenging book. Both Christendom and the secular Establishment. I can see how many Conservative American Christians would hate this book. But I'm not one of those so who cares? I don't think I'll agree with everything this book has to say philosophically but Shane Claiborne is bang on with his premise that Christians are called to be a peculiar people, functioning some what on the outside as the voice of truth, modeling a world that functions with heavenly principles.

God allows leaders and man-kingdoms to rise and fall. None yet have been infallible. Blind unwavering support for a party on either side of a system that is unjust by nature... is selling the Kingdom of Heaven short. Prophets are repeated called to do and say some extreme things (see Ezekiel) to bring us back to right-standing with our one true King.

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