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15 May 2008

My boat floaty sister

Jenny and I share a lot. We got this beautiful hand-painted card from Liberia the other day. African art is beautiful. I wish I had bought more of it. Inside she wrote this...

I LOVE going places with Jen because we see funny situations and want to hear each other's sarcastic comments about them. And Africa's got "100 funny things a day" in it. And now we get to share Africa too!

Today... Jenny "got me" on MSN:

Jenny says:
have you heard of the Mormons?
Dave at Work says:
yes, i think so... ha
Jenny says:
they are a really cool group that I have gotten hooked up with here in Monrovia
Jenny says:
they have a lot of "extras" to offer that I had never heard of
Dave at Work says:
are you being serious?
Jenny says:

Wacky chick. I love 'er.

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