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13 May 2008

No matter where you go... there you are

Was it Confucius or Mike Brady who once said, "No matter where you go... there you are"? They were both smart.

I have a friend who is about to get in his car and drive south. Then more south. And even souther until he can't drive south any further. It's a God journey, on which he wants to learn even more about God's people and God's church.

What is this whole thing really? How do God's followers look and act in such a different context. He had better blog about it because I'm already riveted.

In my travels, I've been genuinely moved by how much of a family "The Church" really is. Since most places on earth are less guarded than we are, you can show up at many churches around the world and be legitimately welcomed... many times right into the homes of strangers.

They may not know you... but they are connected to you by a love for a God that is bigger than culture and language. My friends Matt and Katie experienced this in Mexico this winter. They showed up in a little Mexican town totally unannounced and were hosted by a wonderful family. They ate with them... prayed with them... were even invited to preach at their church! They had no "credentials". They didn't have to draw a fish in the sand with their toes. They just had the common knowledge of Jesus.

I used to find home prayer meetings very awkward. It's somewhat an obscurity in our culture. No music. No extras. Just simply praying together. Through doing it over and over in Ghana, we learned how the rawness of it touches a new place in our spirit. We sat in small groups in living rooms, on rooftops, in school classrooms, in offices and prayed together. We did Bible Studies the old fashioned way... we read the Bible and talked about it until we were moved at the beauty of it's truth and worshiped, just with our voices.

Many times when I'm praying with people these days, I'll stop and think about the tapestry of prayer that is happening right now on earth.

Did you realize that it's EVERY time of day somewhere right now?

  • Right now someone is doing their 6am morning devotions.
  • Right now someone is reading a pocket Bible on their lunch break.
  • Right now someone is holding hands with the family and blessing their diner.
  • Right now someone is interceding for their city at a late night vigil.

We're all one multi colored voice making our own music to the Lord. But it all sounds the same him you know? We're harmony in a well kept rhythm. It's one of the reason's why style is such a flawed thing to prioritize... because who we are is so much bigger than what we see. If I can't sit under a tree in Africa and pray with strangers who don't speak my language... then I still need to change to be more like God.

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