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22 May 2008

Pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family

This is a kind of story that really make you "mourn with those who mourn". It appears that the Chapman's youngest daughter Maria was accidentally killed in the family's driveway, by the family car, driven her brother. (Full story here). Maria was the 3rd member of the Chapman's adopted from China.

I obviously don't know Steven, but he seems to be one of those good guys. I've loved his music as long as I've been a Christian. Thinking about this tragedy this morning, the song of his that came to mind was "Moment made for worshiping".

How can you possibly worship during times of numbing tragedy? Because God is good. Not good like a turkey sandwich or a puppy. God IS good incarnate. When you stop and remind yourself that the giver of good things is standing with you even in the horrible gasps of life, it lets you move and breathe a little more each moment.

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lyn's lyrics & lifenotes said...

I am crushed to hear this news. The first song of Steven's to come to mind is "With Hope" that he once wrote for close friends who had lost a child. That song has helped me in the past. I pray that the truth of the words he penned can now carry his family through.

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