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20 May 2008

Shakin the living the room

When I ran our local Christian radio station with my friend and pastor, we used to run Veggie Tales movie premier days. Cus you do NOT want to miss a single moment of Bob and Larry hijinks. We always had a little bit of time between the monotony of the shows. They were fine things and all... but sometimes they felt like just more of the same ultimately fruitless Christian culture that we pedal without much forethought.

He began to tell me his stories of their days in Pensacola Florida. I'd heard them before and I'll likely hear them again. But I'll never tell him "I've heard that story before" because I love those stories. They were stories that sounded more like the Bible than the life I could see around me. They gave me hope that there was something better out there... before I had to dance the monkey dance for the kids to the tune of a cucumber playing the tuba again.

This time though, he used these words...

"We've chosen to raise our children in revival."

Those words hit me like a cannonball. I set up shop on them. I chose that day to raise my children IN REVIVAL... whatever that meant.

Family devotions are kickin' times around our house. Everybody loves them. We started doing them when the kids were young because I want my kids to grow up with the presence of God being normal in our home. It's one of the reason's I love having small groups at my house... so my kids go to bed knowing that their house is a house that people pray in. Hearing the sounds of life below.

So here's how we do family devotions...
  1. The kids pick which song they want to worship to
  2. The kids "lead worship". Jared air guitars, sings and preaches (kinda Kirk Franklin style... can I get a?). Aislin gets her mic and sings. We dance around with Brianna.
  3. I read them a story out of our awesome "My first Message" Bible
  4. I talk about what we just learned and pray something applicable together
  5. The kids lead worship one more time.

It's powerful. Often Krissy and I look at each other and get teary. It's the foundation for everything we desire for our family to be. Revival isn't freaky if you let Big BIG God be normal... and fun (worship mishap below).

1 comment:

Matt Vaandering said...

totally amazing. when katie and i start doin it with no goalie in net, we'll use the Carrol family worship model.

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