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19 May 2008

Victoria Day in the Rain

The forecast today didn't say anything about rain... but windy and 5 degrees LIKELY should have been a tipoff for us.

We headed to Lake Ontario in the rain and tried to play with a dragon "glider". It was a 2 year old birthday gift that we thought was a kite until we opened it this morning. Whoops.

We got wet. we got Cold. The glider spent more time crashing than flying. To our "surprise" no malls were open. I put surprise in quotes since we forget this EVERY STAT HOLIDAY.

But these are the kind of things that we'll remember. It's a good story. "Remember when the glider didn't work and we got wet and we couldn't go to the mall and we crashed at Arbys?"

I'm convinced that the success of actual events or get togethers mean nothing. But if you come out of it with a good story... you've won.

1 comment:

Sally O'Grady said...

Dave, I couldn't agree with you more! Those are the best times and it is even more of a blessing when you realize it while it's happening.

Happy Happy Queen Vic Day!

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