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5 June 2008

And now for something completely different

I find Jay Leno awkward to watch. If Letterman were a cannibal, he'd eat Leno as a light Sunday brunch. His enormous head is an anomaly. But I'll be watching "Cranior" tonight as Chris Bosh is debuting as a Tonight Show corespondent. He'll be showing off his new found "pile o goofy" at the NBA finals.

I love ET (I mean Chris Bosh). I seriously hope that he can position himself as the NBA's doofus. His passion for YouTube inspires me to be even dorkier. As I've always said, if ET can do it... so can I.

Remember my discussion about being "Nippular"? Well the CBC is my nipple of the day. Their broadcast rights have run out on the Hockey Night in Canada Theme song and aren't going to renew them for the the stunningly, extortionist price of 500 bucks a broadcast.

This song is known as our second national anthem. Well maybe third... after that "I am Canadian" commercial. Maybe we could pimp out the theme song to Molson make some cash, and really stick it to that dirty dog Dolores Claman and her rental song.

Then again... I haven't watched a hockey game I cared about since The Kings hosed the Leafs in 1993... so what do I care.

A few months ago a very strange old man with a dogeared pamphlet came to my door warning me about the danger of methamphetamines to my neighborhood and family. He suggested that I show my 5 year old son pictures meth addicts so that it would deter him in all his future endeavors.

I discerned that to be poor advice. I did not show Jared the faces of drug addicted prostitutes that day. But what this grizzled gentleman did not warn me about was the top 10 reasons not to take drugs on a date. Observe...


Brian Alexander said...

Hey Big E,

We have a new Brother in Lambda. Time to update the blogroll. Get the scoop at http://brianalexander.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/we-have-a-new-brother/


bluesky said...

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