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28 June 2008

Awareness precedes progress

"The roots of what I saw on the Gurugu were buried in sub-Saharan and West Africa. I had to know more. I wanted to make a difference in Africa, but awareness always precedes progress. I needed to see and experience Africa with my own eyes. The stories my refugee friends told me weren't enough"
Erik Mirandette

This was the base premise of Erik's journey across Africa. The "what I saw"... was the horrible conditions of West African refugee shanty camps in Morocco on the Spanish border. God broke is heart for the situation and he acted on it by smuggling in food and Bibles.

But intensely complicated politics and powerful opposition made it a nearly impossible situation to fix or understand. That's Africa man... it's an entirely different context that is difficult for the North American bred mind to assimilate.

I the the statement "awareness precedes progress" is very astute. Trick is... often to gain awareness worth its salt, you have to dive blindly into unknown waters. It can lead to looking and feeling foolish for a season. But when you gain understanding or awareness... what you personally bring to the table of any situation could a be a real key to progress.

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