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7 June 2008

Dave Carrol's

Facebook is causing me to relive a childhood oddity. There are 2 Dave Carrol's in Brantford. One is me... one is not. When I was in elementary school, teenage girls used to call my house looking for me to go out with them...

(NOTE: This phenomenon was not repeated during MY teenage years)

... only to have my Dad tell them. "David is in bed. He's only 6". They were crestfallen. Crestfallen I say.

In the last 2 days... 3 people on facebook have also been crestfallen to find that I'm the other Dave Carrol. I have news... HE... NOT I... am the OTHER Dave Carrol. I am THE Dave Carrol.

We met once. Exchanged Dave Carrol stories. We had to take our leave quickly as the shear magnitude of having 2 Dave Carrol's in the name room nearly caused the universe to implode and I just WILL NOT have such a catastrophic act be attributed to Dave Carrol's.

I'd like to introduce you to some other Dave Carrol's.

I hope that Dave Carrol the guy in the back. No wait... how about the bikini girl... no that would be too weird... the dude, the dude... but maybe the girl... NO the dude.

Drew Carrey? This is how THIS Dave Carrol is described... "Dave Carrol in the casting operations pulpit, the nerve centre that controls the casting of steel into slab."

I still have absolutely no idea what this Dave Carrol does. So I'm going to imagine that that means... he's a train engineer. Choo choo...

Here is Dave Carrol the "futballer" from some team called Wycombe. I don't care for his futballing ways. His ball striking is weak. Although... he has 3 career goals which is the most in soccer history.

The Bill Brasky esc gentleman on the right is... you guessed it...softball legend Big Bruce. But the TEAM he's playing for is CALLED Dave Carrol. Dave Carrol...Legendary team... and stunningly good looking.

"Banjo" Dave Carrol. I dig the work pants. Mental Note: Always play banjo in coveralls.


dwane parsons said...

Dude. Priceless. THE Dave Carroll should be writing for SNL or Leno, not the yahoos they have now.

Dave Carrol said...


Erica said...

Oh the trials of being a Dave Carrol.

Jeff said...

Haha your story about how you met the other Dave Carroll reminds me of when I had the chance to shake hands with myself...with the other Jeff Hughes that used to go to New Life way back :D Odd stuff, I tell ya...

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