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16 June 2008

I spent my Father's Day with Tiger Woods

I can't remember the last time I watched an entire round of golf. But I can assure you that Tiger won whatever Major it was. Know how I know?

1) Because he wins lots of them
2) Pro Golf only keeps my interest when Tiger is playing

But I watched the US Open yesterday. All of it. Minus the snarfing of a pizza and wings F's Day dinner and a quick scoot to the ice cream shop with the fam.

Golf at it's finest is riveting story with heart wrenching ebbs and flows. When it's good, it can keep me from slipping into my usual cycle of...

"Man it's so beautiful there. I wish I was there. I wish I was playing golf today. I never get to play golf anymore... and I'm annoyed now."

But yesterday was good. In our age, Tiger IS the story of golf. What Tiger does IS the storyline. He's the axis of the plot. Everyone is subplot. Bit players in Tiger's opus.

Some find this fact distasteful. They'll reminisce about the days where there was competition and legitimate rivalries. Oh yeah... that's right... the days nobody watched or remembers. People remember Palmer, because he annihilated people. They remember Nicklaus (I do), because he destroyed the pack. People KNOW Tiger... because he is something larger than life again and again.

I want to be what I've always wanted to be: dominant.
Tiger Woods

Business Week alongside ESPN recently compiled a comprehensive list of the most powerful people in "Sport". Not best athlete... but most "powerful". Tiger was #2 behind NFL Commish Roger Goodell. But he was the only actual athlete in the top 10. In fact there were only 4 athletes in the top 18. One is retired (Michael Jordan)... one's not that good anymore (David Beckham), and one isn't even the best at his position (Peyton Manning).

I cheer for Tiger. I'll be watching him beat Rocco Mediate today online at TSN.ca (while working of course). He does everything he does excellent. I get giddy seeing the Tiger "I just made a ridiculous putt" hand pumping...

"expect anything different?"
some announcer

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