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26 June 2008

"I'm going to walk the earth... like Caine from Kung Fu"

My time is not my own. Time is currency, pertinent, and in short supply in it's current form. I'm quite sure that of all the things we'll be held accountable for one day... time will be near the top of the list.

I'm not sure who started the rumor that "me time" even exists. Oprah likely. The entire message of Christ is centered on selflessness and giving... to the point of death even. How we spend our time when we come in contact with the miraculous is fascinating.

This is long... but I want to post a scene of dialogue from Pulp Fiction that's been stuck in my head today. Back in the day... Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs were MY movies. Then I got saved... ha! I tried to watch them about 5 years ago and just couldn't even come close to enjoying it. I do not recommend it... but I do think Tarantino is a BRILLIANT film maker and screen writer.

In this scene... hit men Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Sam Jackson) are sitting in a coffee shop discussing a "miracle" that had just happened. They were attempting to execute a man and "God" somehow stopped the bullets.

Jules is really coflicted here. He's trying to get out of a life that just doesn't cut it... if you acknowledge the presence of an interactive God. What do you even do with the day? How do you just keep on doing the do?


I just been sittin' here thinkin'.

(mouthful of food)
About what?

The miracle we witnessed.

The miracle you witnessed. I
witnessed a freak occurrence.

Do you know that a miracle is?

An act of God.

What's an act of God?

I guess it's when God makes the
impossible possible. And I'm sorry
Jules, but I don't think what
happened this morning qualifies.

Don't you see, Vince, that ****
don't matter. You're judging this
thing the wrong way. It's not
about what. It could be God
stopped the bullets, he changed
Coke into Pepsi, he found my
***** car keys. You don't judge
**** like this based on merit.
Whether or not what we experienced
was an according-to-Hoyle miracle
is insignificant. What is
significant is I felt God's touch,
God got involved.

But why?

That's what's ***** wit' me! I
don't know why. But I can't go
back to sleep.

So you're serious, you're really
gonna quit?

The life, most definitely.

So if you're quitting the life,
what'll you do?

That's what I've been sitting here
contemplating. First, I'm gonna
deliver this case to Marsellus.
Then, basically, I'm gonna walk the

What do you mean, walk the earth?

You know, like Caine in "KUNG FU."
Just walk from town to town, meet
people, get in adventures.

How long do you intend to walk the

Until God puts me where he want me
to be.

What if he never does?

If it takes forever, I'll wait

So you decided to be a bum?

I'll just be Jules, Vincent -- no
more, no less.

(I took this whole part out... no amount of editing would do. Ha!
Basically... it's a reiteration of the bum theory!)

Look my friend, this is just where
me and you differ --

-- what happened was peculiar -- no
doubt about it -- but it wasn't
water into wine.

All shapes and sizes, Vince.

Stop talkin' like that!

If you find my answers frightening,
Vincent, you should cease askin'
scary questions.

When did you make this decision --
while you were sitting there eatin'
your muffin?

Yeah. I was just sitting here
drinking my coffee, eating my
muffin, playin' the incident in my
head, when I had what alcoholics
refer to as a "moment of clarity."

Walking the earth... getting into adventures randomly might be a good use of Jules time. Doubt it though. Suppose it beats killing coke heads.

One thing that I know is that the first step is to KNOW that our time does not belong to us. Our time isn't ours to fritter away on mop hits, video games, flashy lights and ambition.

John 12:25-26
The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.

Rest is for those who work.

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