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17 June 2008

It's the "messin with your spouse's facebook stuff" challenge

I find a great deal of perverse personal enjoyment messin' with Krissy's facebook stuff.

Today's handiwork...

Dare ya to do it too...


1 comment:

Rick_the_cat said...

Challenge accepted

I do a lot of social protesting
Co-ed Roller derby
I lick the poison off of tree frogs
Canadian Idol Flunkie

Foot Fungus
Crab Racing
Horse Anphetamines

Favorite Music:
The Bangles
Ricky Martin
Those dogs that bark songs

Favorite TV Shows:
John and Kate Plus 8 (and no - I didn't have to even mess with this one) It's show that watches a family make lunch and clean up pee. Exhilerating TV!!!

Favorite Movies:
The Cutting Edge (ditto on the no changes.)
We own the sequel as well

Favorite Books:
"Why Can't We Be Friends?" The Tonya Harding Tribute to nancy Kerigan
The enitre "Little Mr." Series (Mr. Happy, Grumpy, Silly etc)

Favorite Quotes:
"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society"
"I wouldn't recognize Bill Berg if I ran him over with my car" Leafs Coach Pat Burns

About Me: 6'8'' 126 lbs
Purple hair
1 eye ball

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