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14 June 2008

Maybe Casino Brantford just has a branding problem

The employees at the Brantford Charity Casino, courtesy of the Canadian Auto Workers Union, are on strike in our fair city. I'm not a big fan of unions... or striking... but it is what it is I suppose. Although it IS nice to see the 6 Nations flags flying with them though (for emotional support I'm sure).

Wait a minute... There's a protest going on?
Not without us there isn't.

The casino is right around the corner from my house so I see the show quite often and witnessed this first hand.

At one of the entrances to the casino, a large sign tracks how much the strike is costing the city and province in lost revenue. On Friday, the sign read, "Ontario: $2 million. City: $143,000."

"It's roughly $11,000 per day," (CAW member Dave) Reston said. "It's not just hurting us on the line, it's hurting the OLG and the city of Brantford."

Brantford Expositor

I got mad when I saw that. Mad that in a week... people from MY community and surrounding communities INCLUDING Six Nations have lost THAT MUCH on slot machines,black jack and booze in this building.

A building that was built to be a center of science and technology.

This whole thing is a matter of perspective. Apparently "the province" has lost 2 million dollars. Guess what? The Province IS the people in it. And they have just SAVED 2 million of their hard earned dollars. The city has "lost" 143,000 dollars? Nope. The have reallocated and better used 147,000 of their hard earned dollars.

But it's their choice right? Just entertainment?

Casinos don't loose money. They take YOUR money. It is a tax. It's a source of income for someone who is not you.

But people LOVE paying taxes don't they? They are VERY popular!

Their current slogan is "Come Play in Our Universe". It's catchy... but maybe they should consider re-branding to...

"Brantford Charity Casino... an addictive tax on the stupid and the poor"

Yes... THAT'S IT! Genius! They should be able to sell the truth right? It's the government and they are open and honest here right?

Because the stupid and the desperate and the poor SHOULD be paying for the expensive hospital equipment shouldn't they? It's only logical. And it SHOULD definitely be a tax that is addictive... so they will be "compelled" again and again and again to experience the joy that it is to pay for expensive hospital equipment and their own social programs.


Get these Black Jack Dealers back on the job ASAP!!!!!


Jeff said...

Well hey, at least it's a fun way to get taxed, better than filling out those long and boring forms, for sure :P

Nah I agree with you, at its core, it is the government exploiting the addictions of its citizens. Just like taxes on tobacco sales. However, I guess you could argue that since many of the chronic gamblers end up gambling away their welfare cheques, that really the government is supplying them with the money to give back to them....hmm...

Dave Carrol said...

You know... I'm not a stand outside and picket the casino dude or one to point fingers at those who gamble or whatever...

just those numbers made me stop and take notice. that that is real money made by people (lots of who) are struggling to get by and will complain about the struggling economy and high gas prices.

money that could be invested in struggling local business... it's just another hidden tax that is hitting the vulnerable hard. there is something very deceptive and underhanded about how casinos play themselves out

Jamie said...

Government taxes were originally imposed to fund the war, yet when they saw how much they we're making -- it never went away.

I don't have a choice on those taxes, I have to pay them.

The Casino however, offers a choice. As I right this, I want to play Poker -- I am not "addicted", I enjoy playing and I enjoy putting up $100 and playing a game of skill to try and win money. If I don't win, then I had fun doing so, I was challenged.

I am not poor, I am not stupid -- I am just bored, and I enjoy playing cards, it challenges me.

I have a CHOICE to walk in the Casino or not. You ever take your family bowling? There's $60 - $100 for a night out, yet if you get a strike, do you win money? Bowling is boring game to me, so to each their own.

We can't stop the addicts from going in, all we can do is place warnings -- just as we can't make every street uncrossable, or every deep end safe -- people need to use their own judgement.

Just my 2 cents (i'll put it on Black!)


Dave Carrol said...

I hesitate to rip the casino because I truly have no beef with your poker game! ha... And I also get choice and respect it.

But I can stop bowling with the family if I need to. There aren't families who have been ripped apart by bowling.

And Jeff... I actually agree that if we're gonna have a casino... at least we're getting money to invest into the community from it.

I don't like the casino... but as it stands... I'd be fine with using that money to help Brantford grow. I'm in that line.

But drive past at 9am Christmas morning (as I do every Christmas) and the lot is full. That's not a friendly neighborhood poker game time of day.

Why is it open then? Who's jackin the slots at that time of day? People who have a problem.

Communities don't line up to bring casinos to town for wonderful social contributions they make... There are a litany of negatives that come with the "financial prosperity" that comes with a charity casino.

g said...


Welfare cheques could never make a casino a profit! hahaha

casino said...

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