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30 June 2008

My Offering

After an hour and a half of legit, shouting, singing, soaking, drinking, jumping, dancing, kneeling, wobbling, flexing, "Presence of God" worship on Sunday... I asked my Pastor if I could take up the offering.

My heart was so filled with thankfulness.

Thankful for the manifest presence of God.
Thankful for 5 hour living room encounter that wound up in tears of unity and feet washing.
Thankful for a church that lets God manifest instead of hoping he fits into our box.
Thankful for friends who write my wife letters telling her that she's beautiful and strong.
Thankful for insane financial favor on a small group of radicals.
Thankful for a house that laughs real laughs without the religious harness.
Thankful for a house that lets me loose to be me.

I was FILLED to the brim with thankfulness for my God and Freedom House. In the year 2000, my forever was changed in West Africa. God became larger than names, titles, deeds, papers and politics. I've never been a conformer to man systems. It nearly cost me my education; conforming sickened that much.

The God I serve is a wild, free, SOVEREIGN, God. This God SPOKE the universe in creation.

I took up the offering on Sunday... really realizing again what a blessing a church that lives BIG is. God is not a harnessed show pony and I just won't insult him by treating Him as such. I know how claustrophobic I feel when I find myself trapped in a cage... I can't imagine what the King of the Universe feels like!

I took up the offering Sunday with a group of real friends in tears because of the Presence of a Holy God in an old bar room. A group of friends who I'd gladly go to war with... knowing that they've got my back too. A group of friends who care more about the things of God than their own comforts. I know it... I've seen it. It's legitimate. They are people other people don't believe exist. They hang out at my place... and I'm honored to welcome them.

I took up the offering on Sunday... with a heart of gladness (maybe like I've never had). Drinking from the river that flows from the throne room of God will do that to a guy. It's a cool drink on a hot day. It's shade. It's a healing balm. It's wisdom and peace. It's the source of life itself.

I took up the offering on Sunday being befuddled by some people's quibbles about tithing. "The Church" is beautiful. It's part of the plan. It serves. It let's you learn more about God by seeing Him work in the lives of others. It holds in its walls friendship, love, opportunity, instruction, mentorship, success, failure... Most don't have a source for this. I do. How could I NOT honor something so vital in my life monitarily?

I'm thankful for Freedom House. I'm thankful for a Big, Real God who lives with me.

You should come by Cockshutt Park and say hi tomorrow... we'll be at our booth @ the big Canada Day party. At 3:45 and 7:45 on the kids stage... we're presenting an original family production that I wrote called, "Dora, The Incredible Hulk and a Tree". It's pretty funny if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

Just reading this got me all excited. If I lived closer, I'd come see your show.

Heidi Reed

Valorosa said...

I know how claustrophobic I feel when I find myself trapped in a cage... I can't imagine what the King of the Universe feels like!

Do you really think God has ever been trapped in a cage?

Dave Carrol said...

Very much Valorosa. We can either bind up or loose God on earth.

We're very much the key to either let God move or restrict what he's allowed to do.

When you start delving into intercessory prayer you see that God chose to limit himself in a great degree to what we partner with.

When we're in disobedience or choose to ignore what his spirit is saying... he's actually quite limited as to what he chooses to do.

And heidi... it's quite a little church we've got. if you're ever in Brantford...

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