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12 June 2008

No politics, religion or sex talk? I'm not sure I want polite company anyway.

"Never talk about politics, religion or sex in polite company"
Some old human

I recently had someone chastise me for a friendship of mine. Someone who I either politic with, religisize with or have sex with. And I immediately thought of this old bizarre statement. Does actually believe this?

I can't imagine having company over and NOT talking about politics, religion or sex. They are my favorite three things! And of course I have an opinion about all 3. Don't you? Don't you want to know what they are? I want to know what your thoughts are on them!

What does polite company talk about?

Walt Disney?
The Moon?

I'm not sure I want polite company anyway...

"of a refined or elegant kind"
"showing good manners toward others"

... actually not having real discussion about important things like politics, religion and sex shows a LACK of refinement.

And being able to listen to... agree OR disagree with each other's views... and still eat pie merrily together DOES show good manners.

So you know what?
Polite company DOES talk about politics, religion and sex!

So... then... on that note

THIS picture of Stéphane Dion is funnier each time I see it.

People should get over the "weird out" factor of the prophetic. Have you guys read the Bible? It's JACKED fulla weird things that are real

I think the honeymoon phase is overrated. You BEGIN to heat up at the 10th anniversary.

Wanna hang out?


Melissa said...

it's posts like this that are helping me understand that being "Christian" doesn't necessarily mean oxford button up shirts, peter pan collars, sensible shoes, and a pasted on smile every day. Literally or figuratively, I guess. (but it could...I'm not going to alienate someone who wears a peter pan collar b/c THAT might be the way their Christianity plays itself out)

To be honest, I'm tired of "polite" company. I've just assumed that's what we Christians do---play it safe. And then I have my "other friends" with whom I'm real and have those impolite conversations.

Your words are definitely food for thought. Thanks for that!

Dave Carrol said...

Hey my pleasure Melissa!

I just think there is wonderful way to be real and be a christian.

its ridiculous to even have to make that statement but alas.

Read acts 2. It was full on Holy Ghost party AND the most wonderful depiction of people hangin and living and sharing together.

just real people living with God. and it says that people LIKED what they saw and were saved... THOUSANDS

see that's shivers right there

chrisfriel.ca said...

i got chastised today for creating a suggestive status on my facebook. honestly i just liked the turn of phrase, but i guess i should have thought about the fact that people don't like sexual suggestion.

i talk religion all the time, i have friends and the reason we get together is to talk religion. i have a bad habit of getting people going about religion...ever heard of the Q theory? let's talk...

but politics is not allowed in my house, don't ask me and you won't get yelled at or have the vegetable at the dinner table shoved up your nose. it's just a thing i got, no offense, i can't control myself -- it's reflex

i like your thinking dave, bold enough to be both a christian and human...you're a novelty act

Dave Carrol said...

A novelty act.

I like that.

THAT would make a great campaign slogan...

"Dave Carrol... a human, Christian novelty act"

quite catchy

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