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29 June 2008

Psalty: Behind the Music

I'm glad Psalty is working. He gave... minutes of entertainment as a youngin'

That was snide.
And not true.
Who's kidding who... I grew up in a church in the 80's man. Psalty WAS kids ministry until the Cucumber and Tomato knocked him off.

That's the real story that needs to be told


Rebecca said...

That girl in the video has the same favourite Psalty song as me! The one about being selfish and wanting all the food at the banquet! I called it the marching song, cuz I loved to march to it. I listened to that Psalty tape way too many times.

James M said...

Haha, awesome. I remember having cassette tapes of Psalty growing up. He now follows me wherever I go, hiding in the bushes, ready to spring out and sing a song with the creepy dog-thing. They will play Psalty at my wedding my funeral, and in the hospital elevator up to my first colonoscopy.

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