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21 June 2008

Reason number 678 I love my friends

When the tree to end all trees came crashing down in my yard, the first things on most people's lips were the words... insurance, eaves trough, damage, property. Nice enough words I suppose.

My friends began to talk about the beauty of the tree, the shade in the yard... and how to use this magnificent specimen.

Today, a friend came by and told me that he was given a room in his Presbyterian Church to "have free reign in". He told me about his vision for this room and how he saw my tree fitting into his artistic vision.

He forged his way into the depths of the mighty oak that rests comfortably upon my patio. I watched him carefully select the right branch to nail this too...

I love my friends. I love learning from HOW they see the world. I love their creative boldness and their insistence on authenticity.

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